Flip Flops with orthotic foot bed

Also available  in Khaki and a limited number of other colours.    

Also available in Khaki and a limited number of other colours.


We have flip flops which feature a built-in, lightweight biomechanical foot bed that supports your feet while helping to realign the lower leg and improve posture. Durable outer-sole with wave-patterned tread that helps improve grip on hard or wet surfaces. Water-resistant.

• Biomechanically contoured arch support and deep heel cup

• Anatomically designed shape that helps prevent moderate to excessive pronation

• Flexible EVA midsole for shock-absorbing support and improved stability.

• Relief from heel pain and plantar fasciitis.

• Relief from knee and back pain

• Complementary to orthotic treatment

•Available in several styles and colours.






I am often asked what is the difference?  Below is a short video from a colleague explaining the situation. 

Chiropodist and podiatrist are essentially the same word. However Chiropodist has a prefix which means hands that work on/cure the foot. 


of the hand or hands.


of the foot.