Professional Fee 

If you are a new patient the fee for your first visit is £47, this includes the initial assessment, treatment, materials and medication that may be used in the course of a treatment.

Subsequent consultations or if you have attended before the fee is £39 .

Available Appointments

We have appointments on the following days

Please telephone 01227 451317 or EMAIL the practice for an appointment.   


Last updated 15 November 2017.

Our first Appointment is at 8 am. The last appointment is at 5pm. 

Except Wednesdays and Thursdays when they are from 08.00 to 12.30.

There are appointments available on; 


  • Tuesday 21st (Three available)
  • Wednesday 22nd (Five available)
  • Thursday 23rd (Three available)
  • Tuesday 28th (Five available)
  • Thursday 30th (Three available)


  • Tuesday 5th (Five available)
  • Wednesday 6th
  • Thursday 7th
  • Tuesday 12th
  • Thursday 14th
  • Tuesday 19th
  • Wednesday 20th
  • Thursday 21st

January 2018

  • Thursday 4th
  • Friday 5th
  • Tuesday 9th
  • Wednesday 10th
  • Thursday 11th
  • Tuesday 16th
  • Wednesday 17th
  • Thursday 18th
  • Tuesday 23th
  • Wednesday 24th
  • Thursday 25th

Please telephone 01227 451317 or EMAIL the practice for an appointment.